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František Pudil, PhD

E-mail: frantisek.pudil@vscht.cz
Telephone: +420 220 443 050

 UCT Prague – building B, room B310

Education, academical degree
1985 PhD degree (CSc.) in  food chemistry, UCT Prague
1979 master degree (Ing.),  Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology, UCT Prague

Work experience
1980 – present Department of food analysis and nutrition, UCT Prague

Research interests
Image processing of foods and materials, sensory active components and its analysis, nanomaterials and foods,  statistical data analysis and using modern computer method in food analysis, multimedial databases.

Chemometry (CZ)
Computer data processing (CZ)
Statistic data processing (CZ)
Image analysis in food analysis (CZ)

Summary of publications
Frantisek Pudil on Scopus
Frantisek Pudil on Web of Science

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