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International projects - finished

Coordinator UCT Prague: Prof. Jana Hajslova, Ph.D.

Finished projects

Title Funded by Code Period
FoodSmartphone - Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety  EK, H2020 


No. 720325
2017 - 2021 
NORFRYG - Increased assortment, quality and value of Norwegian frozen vegetables

The Research Council of Norway/Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products (FFL) 256388/E50 2016 - 2019
MultiCoop  - Multidisciplinary approach to strengthen cooperation and establish novel platform for comprehensive assessment of food and feed safety EK, H2020 H2020-TWINN-2015-Twinning 692195 2016 - 2018
FOODINTEGRITY - Ensuring the Integrity of the European food chain EK, FP7 CL, 613688, FP7-KBBE-2013-7-single-stage 2014 – 2018

AUTHENT-NET - Food Authenticity Research Network

EK, H2020 H2020-SFS-2015-1-696371 2016 - 2018

Establishing of Institutional Cooperation between UiT The Arctic University of Norway and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague in education in the field of food quality and biotechnology



EEA and Norway grants, CZ07 - Bilateral Scholarship Programme  NF-CZ07-ICP-3-2642015  2015 - 2016 

Occurrence of tropane alkaloids in food

EFSA BIOCONTAM_2014_GA1  2015 - 2016 

AuthenticFood - Fast methods for AUTHENTICation of organic plant based FOODs 

EK, FP7   ERA–NET–CORE ORGANIC II   2010 - 2013  

FOODSEG - Safe Food for Europe – Coordination of research activities and Dissemination of research results of EC funded research on food safety 

EK, FP7    FP7–266061–CSA   2011 - 2014 
NANOLYSE - Nanoparticles in food: Analytical methods for detection and characterisation  EK, FP7    FP7–245162–CP   2011 - 2013 

PROMETHEUS - PROcess contaminants: Mitigation and Elimination Techniques for High food quality and their Evaluation Using Sensors & Simulation 

EK, FP7    FP7–265558–CP   2011 - 2014 

QSAFFE - Quality and SAfety of Feeds and Food for Europe 

EK, FP7    FP7–265702–CP  2011 - 2014 

SUCCIPACK -  Development of active, intelligent and sustainable food PACKaging using PolybutyleneSUCCInate 

EK, FP7    FP7–289196–CP   2012 - 2014 
PERFOOD – PERFluorinated Organics in Our Diet EK, FP7 FP7-KBBE-2008-2B 2009 – 2012
CONFFIDENCE – Contaminants in Food and Feed, Inexpensive detection for control of exposure EK, FP7 KBBE-2007-2-4-02 2009 – 2012
EMERCON – Identification and quantification of emerging organic contaminants in the Czech aquatic ecosystem and food market supply. With focus on perfluorinated alkylated compounds EEA Grants / NVF A/CZ0046/2/0026 2009 – 2010
TRUEFOOD – Traditional United Europe Food EK, FP6 FOOD CZ-2006-016264 2006 – 2010
TRACE – Tracing the origin of food EK, FP6 FOOD-006942 2003 – 2009
QUALITY LOW INPUT FOOD – Improving quality and safety and reduction of cost in the European organic and "low input" supply chains EK, FP6 FOOD-CT-2003-506358 2003 – 2009
HEATOX – Heat-generated food toxicants – Identification, characterisation and risk minimisation EK, FP6 Food-CT-2003-506820 2003 – 2010
BIOCOP – New Technologies to Screen Multiple Contaminants in Foods EK, FP6 FOOD-CT-2004-06988 2004 – 2010
STAMPS – Standardized passive samplers. Sampling and determination of priority pollutants in surface waters bioavailable fraction. EK, FP5 EVK1-CT-2002-00119 2003 – 2006
FIRE – Brominated flame retardants – integrated risk assessment for endocrine effects. Assessment of contamination levels, analytical techniques EK, FP5 QLK4-CT-2002-00596 2003 – 2007
The presence and risk of nitro-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. INCO – COPERNICUS EK, FP4 IC15 CT98 0339 1999 – 2002
IENICA-MILLENIUM: Interactive European Network For Industrial Crops And Their Applications EK, FP4 QLRT-2000-0011 2000 – 2003
Disseminating the results of EU food research programmes to small and medium sized food industries, health professionals and consumer groups a 24 – country interactive network. Flair Flow 4 EK, FP4 QLK1-CT-2000-00040 2000 – 2003
Biological reference materials for organic contaminants – BROC EK EU-SMT BROC01/05 2002 – 2004
Minimization of pesticide residues in processed products and the environment. Pesticides in baby food Analytical methods and the effect of processing on pesticide residues – minimization of residues, HACCP. NATO SfP SfP-977983 1999 – 2005

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