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Assoc. Prof. Milena Stranska, PhD

E-mail: milena.stranska@vscht.cz
Telephone: +420 220 443 142

 UCT Prague – building B, room B140

Education, academical degree
2014 Associate Professor degree, Habilitation Thesis: Multiple Mycotoxins in Food and Feed: New Analytical Challenges, Occurrence, and Fate during Processing, UCT Prague
2011 PhD degree, Dissertation Thesis: Mycotoxins: New analytical approaches and ways of minimising their occurrence in food, UCT Prague
2006 master degree (Ing.), UCT Prague

Work experience
2014 - present Associate professor, Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition, UCT Prague
2012 – 2014 Assistant professor, Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition, UCT Prague
2006 – doposud Analyst of accredited laboratory (No. 1316.2) UCT Prague (ISO 17025)
2006 – doposud Scientific-research activities, UCT Prague
2003 - 2006 Research assistant, UCT Prague

Research interests

Target/non-target analysis of food contaminants and positive biologically active compounds

-              Development, optimization, and validation of analytical methods based on ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry for analysis of contaminants (mainly mycotoxins, pesticides, toxic alkaloids), and positive bioactive compounds (mainly antioxidants) in foods.
-              Research targeted on “masked” mycotoxins, with a special focus on the glycosylated forms occurring as a result of special food processing technologies where enzymatic action plays a role (malting / brewing); assessment of various sample preparation techniques, including the immunoaffinity chromatography, for their pre-concentration; assessment of the possibilities of high-resolution mass spectrometry, including the ion mobility mass spectrometry, for their characterization (structure elucidation) and detection.
-              Studying of the fate of free and “masked” mycotoxins within the food and feed processing.

 Metabolomic fingerprinting / profiling for food authenticity and frauds revealing

-              Exploiting of high-resolution mass spectrometry for performing of studies focused on food authenticity and food frauds revealing.


-              Research focused on characterization of new natural resources suitable for isolation of biologically active compounds exploitable in food / pharmaceutical research / industry; implementation of methods for biological activity testing (antioxidant, enzyme inhibitory, etc.); utilization of high resolution mass spectrometry for non-target screening of unknown compounds responsible for the biological activity, compounds identification and characterization

Food Chemistry (CZ)
Chemistry of Raw Materials and Food Products (CZ)
Interpretation of chromatographic and spectrometric data (CZ)
Strategies to prove adulteration of foods and nutraceuticals (CZ

Summary of publications
Milena Zachariasova on Scopus
Milena Zachariasova on Web of Science

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