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Metrological and Testing Laboratory

Who we are:

  • Metrological and Testing Laboratory (MTL) is an University research centre (PVAC) for the chemical metrology and testing of organics in food, environmental and forensic samples. All its facilities are embodied in the Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition.
  • Accreditation of the MTL by the Czech Accreditation Institute refers to the quality management system in compliance with international requirements and rules used by EU and EFTA countries.
  • According to the Regulation No. 625/2017 (Article 37) of EP and the Council (EC), Metrological and testing laboratory is designated by the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority to carry out the analysis of samples taken for official control of food and feed products.

The Laboratory provides testing of food and agricultural products  required for  Global G.A.P. , certification or  inspection of organic  farming, integrated pest management in fruit and vegetables production systems, etc.. 

Prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc., head of Laboratory and head of the Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition is an expert in analysis of food and environmental contaminants, toxicants and biologically active compounds. She is a member of the EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks, SCENIHR (Health & Consumer Protection DG) and member of International Editorial Board – Journal of Food Additives and Contaminants. As the chairwomen, she had a key input in organizing a series of reputable international symposia „Recent Advances in Food Analysis“ in 2003 - 2019.

Prof. Ing. Vladimír Kocourek, CSc. has a responsibility for the quality management system and internal audit of the accredited laboratory and is focused on the environmental pollutants in food chain, analysis of food contaminants and residues of pesticides. He is an expert in quality management in laboratory control and food production as well as the EU food legislation (incl. the assessment of compliance).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vera Schulzova is responsible for metrology and is an expert in analysis of natural biologically active compounds.


What is our scope:

  • Chemical analysis of foodstuffs including beverages and food supplements, food and pharmaceutical raw materials and products, feedstuffs, chemical preparations, biological materials of human, animal and plant origin, environmental and forensic samples including addictive drugs.
  • Development and implementation of novel analytical methods for control of emerging contaminants, non-target screening strategies, including metabolomic fingerprinting / profiling.
  • Research and analysis of natural biologically active compounds and natural toxicants.
  • Consultancy, workshops and training courses. 


Laboratory equipment 

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